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We aim to provide the best Investment and Risk Management Solutions.

We have partnered with leading financial institutions to ensure we give you the best available investment and risk management solutions by providing you with expert advice to ensure you make the best financial decision possible and make your money work for you.


Through a multi-manager approach, we offer you solutions to address your various investment needs such as the growth of funds, regular and attractive interest income as well as investment risk management.

With a thorough understanding of your investment needs, we are committed to helping you build, manage, and preserve your wealth while providing overall guidance regarding your investment portfolio.

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Our Culture

We serve our clients by being the best we can be. Our culture promotes collaboration and ingenuity.
We start with the end in mind: simple, smart answers to solve complex decisions. Then we create a plan to get there. One that’s practical and flexible. We have the knowledge and experience, Global capabilities, Local expertise, Scale and financial strength, supported by The people, the drive and the technology. At Moran we:

Stay focused

Be open to the new. Give our best, all the time.  Bigger ideas, wiser decisions, innovate for better results.


Build solid partnerships, outside and in. Search for the best answers with and for our clients. Take it seriously. Make it fun.

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Are accountable

Work with an entrepreneurial spirit. Take initiative, see things through, know it matters.

Do what’s right

Embrace differences and respect diversity. Build relationships on trust, consideration and integrity.

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Our Partners are selected for the efficiency of their solutions, always thinking of our customers and the benefits for them. We work with the best to offer the best returns

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